The Mark Brothers of the music comedy

(Frankfurter Allgemeine)

Building on more than twenty-year of experience, Luca Domenicali and Danilo Maggio continue to churn out comic musical shows of very strong impact. Considered one of the most prestigious international groups in the field of the music comedy, very popular in Switzerland and Germany, but much loved also by the Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese public, with "Classica for Dummies" Microband has elaborated a hilarious "Symphony" with amazing interpretations of several music tunes, in which violins are played with invisible bows, guitars are transformed, flutes appear out of thin air, in a deluge of notes, gags and incredible inventions. Once again the world of seven notes has been "plundered" without distinction of authors, ages, styles: Beethoven and Mozart, Brahms and Bizet, Chopin and Bach, Verdi e Rossini, Hädel and Strauss, Ravel and Prokofiev and many others have supplied inspiration to the two volcanic and scoffing musicians from Bologna. After having won the 1st Prize of the International Festival of Leipzig, in 2000 Microband was invited to the Edinburgh Festival, the most prestigious international theatre event. The journalist of "The Herald" wrote of them: "classical and popular tunes as you have never seen and listen playing them", connecting Microband with the tradition of Laurel & Hardy and Spike Jones. The Frankfurter Allgemeine, said of Microbandt: "it provokes a dragging drunkness, where even the impossible becomes possible". Not to be missed this "Classica for Dummies", an absolutely original show where the virtuosity and the sweeping comicality of the two musicians, playing a myriad of musical instruments (many of which are made and transformed by themselves), characterise the performance with breathtaking rhythm and ravishing, surreal gags. Quoting "La Repubblica": "An acrobatic dynamism, a vocal and instrumental funfair managed with swiftness and originality". Microband has carried out hundred of repeats in the main theatres and festivals allover Europe (Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Azores, Azerbaijan, etc.) and three tours in Japan. In 2008 it performed in the Gala organised for the European premiere of the Kevin Spacey and Jeff Goldblum theater show in Cologne. Microband was invited by the Essen Philarmonic Orchestra to the New Year Gala in January 2013 with the protagonists of "The Lives of others", Oscar Award 2006.


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